Our Story

Our Story

El Pintado is a 400 year colonial farm that started to produce coffee in the 1940’s and was converted into a certified organic farm in the year 2000.

There is a 250 year old “casa patronal” or manor house on the estate that is still lived in to this day by a member of the Arzu family that has been in the valley and in Guatemala for many centuries.

We decided to become organic when we realized the harm chemicals used on traditional coffee farms were having on the people that sprayed them on the plants and the environment that was absorbing them.  We knew becoming organic was going to involve a lot of hard work and risk but we knew it was the right decision to make for our coworkers, mother nature and the consumers that drink our coffee every day.

We export our coffee directly to roasters all over the world and we value having close and long lasting relationships with our buyers.  Our partners appreciate our story and recognize the efforts we are making in producing high quality coffee in a way that respects the environment and the people that help us produce it! 





Km. 47.5 Carretera a Ciudad Vieja

Antigua | Guatemala