Our Quality

Our coworkers hand pick the coffee and use a wristband that shows the color of the bean that must be picked in order to maintain a consistently high level of specialty coffee.

We have a 50 million strong worm farm on the estate that produces wonderful fertilizer to nurture our plants.  We believe in over fertilizing organically to keep the plant strong in order to protect itself from pests and other threats to its health and livelihood.




We also spray the plants in the early morning, when the pores of the leaves of the plants are open, with the liquids produced by our worms.







At El Pintado we process our coffee in our own mill that allows us to maintain a consistent quality for our beans.  It is an ecological mill where we recycle the water used in processing and we treat the water naturally before sending it back into the ground.


Our coffee has participated in several competitions and placed in the top 5  for quality on a consistent basis.  

2012  Only organic coffee to be selected for the national “Cup of Excelllence” auction in Guatemala.

2012  1st Place in the national Rainforest Alliance cupping competition scorring 97 points

2014 Top 5 finalist in regional Rainforest Alliance Cupping Competition for Quality, among competing farms from Mexico, Panama, Central America and the Caribbean.





Km. 47.5 Carretera a Ciudad Vieja

Antigua | Guatemala